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Residential homes or businesses have pipes that carry potable water from the source up to every fixture. There are many types of water lines that do this.

Galvanized piping generally lasts 25-30 years. Homes or businesses that have galvanized pipes in the later years find a restriction in flow due to the inside diameter width of the pipe changing over the years, this is caused from corrosion build up. Old galvanized pipes in the ground also deteriorate on the outside of the piping, loosing it’s original outside diameter, this means the pipe is breaking down over the years and getting thinner with time. Repairs to galvanized pipes are generally only temporary repairs. Galvanized pipes in the ground are generally not repairable. Attempts can be made to repair pipes; however the risk is causing more damage to the existing piping. One of our competent plumber’s will be able to determine if a repair is achievable or not.

Copper piping is the most common type of piping found in homes today. Copper pipes can last 50 years or it may only last a year depending whether the piping was installed properly. There are 2 types of copper piping, hard and soft. There are 3 different thicknesses of copper piping as well, type M, L, and K. Type M and L are the most common. Repairs to copper piping can be made almost every time with the exception to soft copper leaks under the slab. These types of leaks are known as slab leaks. After pin pointing the leak location attempts can be made to repair copper pipes under the house. If you have a slab leak in a fairly old building the recommendation is to not damage the flooring and completely re-pipe the house or building. We recommend this because of the likelihood of additional leaks.

Plastic piping has come a long way over the years. There are several types of plastic pipes. PE (polyethylene), PB (polybutylene), PVC (polyvinyl), and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl). Tucson has a big problem with PB leaks. These leaks are pressure stimulated leaks where the pipe simply splits. Repairs on PB are only temporary and PB pipes should be replaced to prevent water loss and damages. PVC piping is one of the most common types of plastic piping and has a good life span. We generally find leaks on PVC coming from the fittings and joints not installed properly. PE is the newer type of plastic piping that has been being used over seas for 20 years and has proven to be strong. It is flexible, not metallic so it won’t brake down, has fewer fittings and comes in rolls of 100’ and 300’, and can withstand pressures up to 2200psi.

We offer free estimates on water lines from meter to the home, full home and business re-pipes, slab leaks, and any major plumbing issues. Minor repairs can be taken care of immediately!

Plumber Tucson AZ | Plumbing Tucson AZ | Plumbers in Tucson AZ